Hi, and a very warm welcome to my new website.

Be warned: this is not my first attempt. One of my many character flaws is a massive overabundance of interests and hobbies. While this does keep things interesting it also makes it hard to add content to a website focusing on one or a number of closely related subjects. But one must try. So here we go.

This will be a website about all things interesting to me. Luckily, my current main interests, professional and otherwise, are somewhat related. First, I am a university graduate in the field of International Relations and International Security so expect the occasional musings and/or mumblings about the world’s current affairs. Second, I currently work for one of the most well respected outdoor equipment and clothing brands in the world. Yep, you guessed it: I like to go into the great outdoors, climb some mountains and take long distance hikes while being on my own or a small number of people. Third, I have a professional history in the Royal Dutch Armed Forces, although admittedly a very short one. While attending the Royal Military Academy in order to become an Infantry Officer, I dropped out of one of the toughest educations available in the Netherlands.

Last but not least, these interests all come together in one of my other hobbies. I play Airsoft, often described as similar to Paintball but with more realistic bb pellet guns instead of markers spitting paint pellets. At its core, it is indeed very much like that. But I am much more interested in Milsim, short for Military Simulation. To me, this is a much more interesting niche of the hobby. Both for the player and his kit, Milsim is challenging, and it as close to the real thing without running the risk of serious injury or death. With a heavy emphasis on role-play and varied mission types it tries to portray realistic scenarios with the use of real small team tactics. Arguably, Milsim is a team sport and most teams are a close-knit ‘Band of Brothers’. While only recently regulated in the Netherlands, Airsoft is currently a fast-growing hobby here, and maturing at a fast pace. But Milsim is still in its infant stages. These are interesting times.

So, what to expect? Amongst other things: clothing and gear reviews (probably of the long-term variant), event reviews, and occasional pieces about my outdoor adventures… I might dabble into military and political history and current affairs I find interesting. In short, a fairly eclectic but somewhat coordinated bunch of stuff.

I hope you will find these topics as interesting as I do. Thanks in advance for any input or comments!


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