After Action Report: RTT Polsim, 28-11-2015


So last weekend we got to do something pretty awesome and unique in the world of airsoft. While milsims and weekend-long skirms are somewhat well known and frequently organized, polsim (or police simulation) is a relatively new phenomenon. In essence, it is like acting out some of your favorite scenes from cops-and-robber movies such as Heat. For us, everything came together: surveillance and shadowing to set the mood, trying to gather intel covertly, roleyplay, and some well-executed and realistic CQB action on a great location in one of the biggest Dutch industrial sites near Rotterdam.


So let’s go through this step by step. Roughly, the OP could be divided into four phases: Phase 1: Prepation, surveillance and Target Acquisition; Phase 2: Covert infiltration; Phase 3: Overt infiltration; and Phase 4: Hostage extraction.


Phase 1

During the briefing we were told that some shadowy individuals kidnapped a friendly General and that they were planning to move him/her to a second location for questioning, possibly worse. We were tasked with extracting the HVT. To accomplish that, we first had to follow the target vehicles, of which we received description and expected current location beforehand. After strategically placing our vehicles around that location, we settled in for the wait. It took some time, but eventually we spotted the vehicles and shadowed them for close to 30 kilometers until they arrived at their location. The ride was kind of frantic – obviously, the target vehicles actively tried to lose any possible followers, meaning we had our hands full trying not to lose them. Luckily, we succeeded. We arrived at a run-down office building in the middle of the industrial areas somewhere around Rotterdam.

Intel already told us how many enemies we could expect and what their modus operandi was. A plan was hatched.


Phase 2

Our first order of business was to find out where exactly our extraction target was being held. In order to accomplish that, we first tried to covertly infiltrate the target location. Sadly, however, the enemy was too numerous and patrolled the target building too well to accomplish this part of the mission.


That left us with only one alternative – kinetic action.


Phase 3

Somewhere on the ground floor was supposed to be a piece of intel which told us where our target was. We decided to seize said piece of intel by force, as we saw no alternative. Lucky for us, but unlucky for our opponents, we had a shield with us. This meant that while our front man was a massive bullet magnet, we were also able to push much more aggressively than we otherwise would have been able to do. This enabled us to push towards the intel’s location, which turned out to be a small room in the back of the first floor. Luckily it was accessible from the outside. After exfilling and regrouping, we decided to push in again and sweep the second floor, as we suspected our target to be held in one of the rooms there.


Phase 4

Basically, the plan boiled down to splitting our team up into two separate fire teams in order to let one half distract the enemy as much as possible, while the other half took a different route into the building and secure the hostage. This plan did not fail. While we met some resistance and even had a few hits on our side, the distraction enabled us to flank the building and take a back entrance. Again, our shield enabled us to push more aggressively and reach our objective relatively unscathed. After securing the hostage and making sure she was unarmed, unharmed and not dangerous we exfilled her to a safe location for debriefing.

Apparently this is just the start, so be ready for more action as the General is debriefed and spills new intel about our enemy… See you next time?

Don’t like reading? Our movie guy also made this!




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