A Little Bit of Genius: First Spear Missing Links

Some of you doubtlessly have had this problem: you wanted to mount pouches to a 4cm wide tactical belt, but it didn’t have MOLLE loops, resulting in pouches flopping about annoyingly. The tactical industry has, through the years, come up with a variety of solutions to this problem 1) sewing some MOLLE loops onto a tactical or rigger’s belt (and jacking up the price ridiculously); 2) making special belt mount pouches (and jacking up the price ridiculously); and 3) making padded MOLLE sleeves for your belt (the ‘Battle Belt’ solution). Personally, I’ve never liked any of these solutions. While the first two of them work just fine, I could never justify the costs, and the third one just adds so much unnecessary bulk to your waist that it’s never been an option for me.

Until recently, I came up with a very DIY solution to this problem: tie-wraps. They do their work almost flawlessly. They hold pouches in place pretty damn well and don’t bend the belt in such a way that it becomes uncomfortable (together with duct-tape and WD40 tie-wraps are kind of like my DIY holy triumvirate). There’s just one BIG thing they absolutely suck at:


Good luck re-using a tie-wrap if you want to move pouches around for a different type of set-up. Changing something on your belt means that you have to use a new tie-wrap. Now, some of you may never change anything on your gear, but I’m one of those guys who are never satisfied and want to move stuff around for different mission requirements.

Well, that introduction got out of hand fast…

Let me just say that First Spear’s missing links are the perfect (and I do mean perfect) solution to this annoying problem. Essentially nothing more than two loops of paracord sewn onto either side of a nylon strap backed with hook Velcro, these do exactly what they are made for: securing MOLLE pouches onto a tactical, rigger’s or duty belt not equipped with loops. They do so wonderfully well, even better than expected. My belt is equipped with hook Velcro on the inside to attach to the loop Velcro inner belt I, and a few of my teammates, use. You’d expect this to be a problem, as two hook side Velcro sides don’t attach as well as hook-and-loop. But due to the small tolerances, they do so pretty well, good enough for my setups.

I’m now able to switch around pouches to my heart’s content without blowing through a bag of tie-wraps like they are candy! Thanks First Spear!

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